Need a Bigger Boat?

by Eric-Paul Lecluse

We used to say “No” to a lot of clients. “No, I can’t help you with your project because I’m already on another one”. “No, I don’t have any colleagues who do what I do, I’m a freelancer”. “No, I can’t finish a four week project in one, I’m just by myself!” Any good programmer will recognize a bad repetition and change something in order to fix it. If it’s an annoyance shared by many, good programmers team up and work towards a collective solution, breaking the repetition once and for all. Writing libraries, sharing components and finding bugs are just a few examples of the benefits that teams have and the individual lacks, when it’s all about getting the project done.

Getting rid of the “No” dilemma was what we did, back in early 2008. A hand full of friends and developers got together to refer clients to one another, sharing projects and benefitting from the collective thought process. In the next several years we grew to a squad of 14 professional software developers covering the fields of on- and offline applications for computers, mobile devices and other gadgets. We get together every month to discuss programming tactics, industry standards, cutting edge developments and team opportunities. We’re not a company, yet we work like one on projects for agencies and production studios. We help each other on projects when deadlines get tight or when cutting edge needs a push. We refer to each other and can blindly attest to the skills of our fellow developers. We are individual freelancers with the backup and knowledge base of an entire team.

Today, after working with and learning from each other for over three years, we take it one step further. With this website we give you instant access to over a dozen experienced independent web developers, software engineers, technical consultants, creative coders, enthousiasts and friends. Use the form to send us a message collectively, or call one of us directly. You’ll get an answer to your question and most probably it will be “Yes!”

We are a group of independent web developers, software engineers, technical consultants, creative coders, enthousiasts, individuals, friends and we are good company.

You have the need for a bigger boat?
We're just a call away.

  • Laurent van Dommelen

    I am a creative coder with a background in interaction design and advertising-driven web applications. Since early 2010 I run a small studio together with the king of design town, Jannes Glas. I try to not limit myself to one technology or platform, but the keywords in any of my products will be interactive, visual and experience. I get my kick out of coming up with creative solutions to complex problems, making it look all simple and sexy in the end.


    PHP, Laravel, Vagrant, Wordpress, Javascript, ES6, React.js, Backbone.js, HTML(5), CSS3, SCSS, Webpack

  • Mathijs Baaij

    As a Frontend developer and as tech lead I worked on large scale websites, campaign websites, web apps and mobile apps. I enjoy working on interesting projects within a team of enthousiasts.


    Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, React Native, GraphQL, Webpack, Scrum, Kanban, Soft skills

  • Erik van Nieuwburg

    15 years of front-end experience, started out with media-rich Flash applications and ending in JavaScript. I've been mostly hired for my knack for the soft skills of technology, like leading teams, training juniors and changing organisations to become more productive. Along this path, I've been trained to coach individuals and organizations in professional communication and productivity.


    Coaching / HTML / SASS / Javascript / TDD / Backbone / Angular / Actionscript / Uncle Bob's Clean Code / Design Patterns / MVC

  • Patrick Pietens

    Creative frontend coder, game designer, audiojunkie, pro-gamer, programmer, Mac zealot, creative coder, movie addict, Nintendo fanboy, longboarder, computerfreak, snowboarder, Counterstrike player, open source supporter and indie rock listener.


    HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Wordpress, Node.js). Native iPhone and iPad development (Objective-C). And Actionscript3, Adobe Air and Flash (RobotLegs, PureMVC).

  • Patrick Brouwer

    I'm an experienced and passionate creative developer, with a special love for frontend development! Following up with the latest trends and technology. Founder of Spirit (animation tooling for the web).


    HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript, Docker, TDD, ES6, PostCSS, Node.js, Webpack, Rollup, React.js, Redux.js, Backbone.js, WebGL, GSAP

  • Danil Zwijnenburg

    Strong focus on agile, collaboration and communication. Passionate about clean code, test driven development, ruby, rails and javascript.


    Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Javascript, TDD, Clean Code, Continuous Integration & Deployment, AWS

  • Michiel van der Ros

    Creative developer that loves clean code, ES6 and React. Specialized in serious games, interactive story telling and 360 panoramas, all in HTML5, JavaScript in CSS. Working experience includes web applications, frontend training/workshops, research & development and many high end campaigns.


    React, JSX, HTML5, JavaScript, Workshops, Training, Google Maps API, Sass (css), Jasmine, IntelliJ

  • Jankees van Woezik

    A code cracking, mathematics loving, award winning freelance developer; frontend and backend developer, with a passion for well written, maintainable and tested code.


    Frontend, HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Coffeescript, Rails, Ruby, GIT.

  • Paul Tondeur

    Experienced and passionate frontend developer who creates remarkable creative experiences using the latest web technologies while applying high coding standards.


    Papervision3D Essentials


    Frontend, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Node.js, GSAP, JavaScript, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, RobotLegs, Papervision3D, Unity

  • Daan Heuvingh

    A creative all-round developer with a strong background in game-design and clean code. Loves working on creative game or multimedia projects with teams of highly motivated professionals.


    Javascript: ReactJS, ThreeJS etc. CSS, SCSS, ES6, HTML5, PHP, Java. Project management, Interaction and game design.

  • Stefan Hendriks

    Agile Software Developer with a passion for clean and well tested code. Most comfortable with backend but also has frontend experience. Scrum Master. Chasing his dream to create the best Developer training on this world.


    Ruby, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS (SASS), Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Continuous Integration & Development, Coderetreat organisator & Facilitator

  • Sander Schuurman

    Freelance creative developer who loves:
    - Design
    - Intuitive Interfaces
    - Games
    - Music / Sound / Animation / Interaction intertwining.

    Sparetime electronic musician and photographer


    AngularJS, BackboneJS, 3D, iOS / obj-C, Audio DSP, Concepts, Design Patterns

  • Sander Nieuwenhuizen

    My goal is to make you succeed with your venture. I have a broad interest and skillset being a founder, visionary, strategist, product owner, programmer, coach and trainer. I’m especially driven to help you setting and executing the goals that are aligned with your vision. Having trouble what your vision is? No problem, helping you to a crystal clear vision and strategy is my priority #1.


    Vision, Strategy, Coaching, Product Ownership, CTO, CPO

  • Michiel van der Plas

    Experienced creative frontend developer with a background in UX and Design and a love for clean code, animation and performance. Working experience includes campaign websites, microsites, big builds and mobile applications.


    HTML5, SASS/CSS, Javascript
    React.js, Vue.js, Backbone.js, Webpack
    Wordpress, Docker, Git

  • Berend Weij

    Cross-functional expertise: project management, Usability/Interaction Design & Development for (educational) games, websites and other (interactive) media. Professional developer since 2000. Previously Founder/Technical Director Mijn naam is Haas. Currently owner Studio Zoetekauw.


    Serious Games, Teaching/coaching/workshops, (Agile) project/people management, Scrum master, Full-stack JS, Unity/C#/Shaders, (progressive) web/hybrid apps, Interaction Design

  • Marco Alting

    Creative Realtime 3D and VR/AR developer with a passion for game design and development using Unreal Engine, C++ and Blueprints. Also still doing projects as a senior frontend developer. Playing a lot of tennis in my spare time and occasionally singing and playing guitar.


    HTML5, Javascript, SASS, Backbone, React, MVC

  • Hugo Dechesne


    Frontend: HTML5, Javascript, SASS/CSS, WebGL
    Backend: PHP, WordPress, Bolt.cms
    Other: Project Management, UX/UI Design

  • Paul Jones

    Front end Developer with 8 years experience in high traffic systems and APIs, Google DFP and IMA SDK, games and more. Long time Actionscript programmer with a developing taste for AngularJS.


    Actionscript 3, AngularJS, Javascript, Games, Google DFP, jQuery

    +31 68 4161914